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  VANTAGE POINT is officially OPEN!



We held our first official event this weekend with over 90+ youth and chaperones as Providence Church Youth Group raided the camp property and tackled the zipline and swing elements!  It was a BLAST! It's a privilege to be able to offer these kinds of activities to our community and we hope you will join us in spreading the word and encouraging folks to help us raise money to build the camp! 

  The "Little" Big Red Barn...



We still have our heart set on the Big Red Barn, but are eager to put down roots with this as our first building! Will you join with us in prayer and giving as we start plans for our initial camp and challenge course office? We will need approximately $10,000 in donations to make it happen. Thank you! We are excited!!!

  Worship Without Walls



Thank you to all who participated in the 6th annual Worship Without Walls! We had an amazing day with over 60 people building benches and cleaning up the property; along with a handful of really crafty and handy guys (thanks JC!) who built our first firepit! We are so blessed and thankful for everyone's time and energy to help

begin the camp. God Did It!! 

A Bigger Vision?? 11-8-2015


Well folks, the humanly impossible vision of CampFire Ministries just got impossibly bigger! As we were digging deep and trying to figure out how to work out funds for the new state law changes to challenge course inspections, insurance and permits... God slung open new doors and opportunities for another major part of our ministry! In addition to the camp (CampFire) and the challenge course (Vantage Point), we are putting together a Task Force of community and statewide initiatives that will introduce new programs to schools and new mission-focused ministries that will bring healing to our community... using YOU to do it!

We need help and we need passionate people who want to really make a difference using the gifts God gave YOU to help others. We believe in God's purpose for us here at CampFire and we believe that when we join hands with others, we have the power in Christ to change the world. More to come in the next few weeks!!!! 

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