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We are pleased to announce that our challenge course

is officially open and ready to be used! 


VANTAGE POINT is a five-element challenge course that is located right on the CampFire property! Aside from the amazing sunsets and views that the property affords, the course itself is an extraordinary example of experiential learning. Each of the five elements presents a different challenge (or two, or three!) that must be faced and overcome in order to complete the event. Think you have what it takes to master the course? Think you don't? Give it a shot, I bet you'll surprise yourself! And you might even find that the confidence you gain in the process will make the decisions you face every day a little easier to conquer...


CHALLENGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. At VANTAGE POINT, we want to give you every opportunity to see things in different ways and CHALLENGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. No matter which element you choose to try, there are possibilities to test your drive, your perseverance, your fear and your faith. Believe me when I say that you will not leave the same person as you came!


Safety is our first and final priority. We have four fully trained and certified instructors (plus four more who are element-specific trained and certified) to lead you through each step of the challenge and help you navigate your way to your goal. There is never any pressure to complete an event or do something you feel you cannot physically do; but if you come with a goal of finishing the course, we will support you and help you through it! 


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Philippians 4.13

So what are the five elements, how much does it cost and

how do you book your next day of adventure?


*VANTAGE POINT consists of the following five adventure course elements:


1. The Rock Wall

2. The Zipline

3. The High Ropes Course

4. The Giant Swing

5. The Pamper Pole



*For the remainder of 2015, pricing is as follows for 1/2 day (4 hours):



8-16 participants                           $384

more than 16 participants             $24/person



8-16 participants                           $480

more than 16 participants             $30/person



8-16 participants                           $576

more than 16 participants             $36/person



*To book your next adventure, please email Jennifer Leak at


**NOTE: All additional funds generated from VANTAGE POINT, after payment of instructors and replacement of equipment, will be used to begin the next phase of CampFire development! Your next adventure will help build our youth camp!


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